Please read products details we build and understand these before you make your decisions.


Please read products details we build and understand these before you make your decisions.

  • Traditional Kitchen
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Bar
  • TV Units
  • Office
  • Theatre
  • Laundry
  • Bathroom
  • Fireplace
  • Closet
image Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Inspired by historical designs traditional kitchen cabinet styles are still prevalent today. With rich use of modling, curves, wood furnishing the cabinets give a rich and elegant appearance.
Those who still love sphisticated class of kitchen interior designs we have vast variety of door designs that let you create your dream kitchen.

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image The latest trend.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchens, is the present trend and the idea is to keep designs pretty simple especially flat designs are very popular. Depending upon customer needs we provide electronically controlled drawers and doors.

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image Bar


Bar cabinetry is composed of lot of glass which gives an elegant appearance. Also the glossy styles make appearance even more stylish.

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image You keep stuff and you watch stuff

TV Units

Meant for medium size display where alongwith you can keep lot of your display items like pictures,trophies,books,DVDs etc. You need small but shallow spaces around the display area and we let you build a beatuiful piece of TV Unit with the choice of your like.

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image Office space


Office space needs to be spacious for nice and clean looking space. The Office furniture and cabinets are designed to make best of given space with variety of styles

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image Theatre


Meant for large displays and especially with dark wood styles with less glossy surface finishing. Depending upon your choice we install cabinets around large displays.

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image Laundry


Similar to closets, you have variety of choice for your laundry cabinetry.

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image Bathroom


Bathroom needs no less elegance than a kitchen. With combinations of best styles, marbels and wood finishing we build a bathroom you would want to visit again and again.

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image A gem in the living room.


Fireplace has its reason to exist but being in the living room it has to be the best masterpiece and we let you build such a masterpeice. We build best matching fireplaces.

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image Closet with Mirror


We provide durable with wide variety of different door styles for your closets, along with optional mirror installation on the doors

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